LED Mosquito Killer Lamp



Color: White  
Material: ABS plastic 
Size: 12 × 12 × 22 cm 
Cable: about 760 mm 
Rated Power: 5 W 
Rated voltage: 220 V 
Input voltage: 5 V 
Area: 15 ~ 25 sq. M 
Powered by: USB 
Working principle: bionic capture, physical mosquito  
Scope: home interior, bedroom, kitchen, courtyard, etc.


Real energy saving and low consumption. 
The product design is exquisite, elegant and practical, and the decorative function is the best choice for home. 
Low decibel quiet Enjoy a stable environment without mosquitoes. 
This product is intended for indoor use only or in places where there will be no rain or spray. 
Removable mosquito storage box, anti-rescue design, easy to clean. 
Do not touch the pins. Keep the environment dry while working.

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