Portable Water Purifier



1. Material: ABS 
2. Filtration life: 5000 L 
3. Filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron (minimum) 
4. Application temperature: 32 °F - 90 °F 
5. Weight: 50 g 
6. Size: 140×36 mm 


1. Four levels of physical filtration for safe outdoor drinking
2. Selected ABS material, durable, high-temperature resistance, more practical and not easy to damage 
3. Strong adsorption, plus large contact area for water, making your drinking process easy and effortless 
4. UF filter core, highly efficient removal of small impurities to remove large particles, residual impurities of sediment and rust, while retaining beneficial mineral elements
5. Multi-layer filter straw to improve water quality 
6. Simple outdoor design, lightweight and small size, portable and easy to store 
7. Filtration life reaches 5000 L 

Packing list:

water filter *1 case package

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