3.0 Type C USB HUB



3.0 Type C USB HUB is the best data universal bus hub with the four ports, which means your family can avail the charger at a time and you can fast-charge your mobile and transfer the data rapidly. 

This charger is compatible with almost every brand phones and for the data transfer, this charger is compatible for any device. 

This is the very fast charger and due to 5 GPS transmission speed, this charger can give you the whopping fast transfer. 

3.0 Type C USB HUB is the most beneficial tool so you can get the easier services for the durable time. 


Four ports mean no more fighting over the last remaining charger in the house. Sharing means caring!

Universal compatibility: this hub doesn't believe in favoritism. It will work with Android and Apple products.

5Gbps transmission speed. This hub has got what it takes.

Never worry about finding your charger again with this standard USB 3.0. Multifunctional and convenient, this is the gadget that will make your life just that much easier.


Interface Type:  USB 3.0
Ports : 4
Standard : USB 3.0
Output / Input Port:  4 ports USB 3.0 × 1 + USB2.0 * 3 / USB 3.0, Type C 3.0
Color : Black, White
Material : Strong ABS Plastic + TPE Cable

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