Magnetic Survival Hammer



Magnetic Survival Hammer is the tool with the many beneficial functions such as this hammer will help you to survive through the window. 
This Magnetic Survival Hammer is a fast and reliable tool that contains the emergency light, allow hammer, seat belt cutter, magnetic adsorption, mobile power supply, USB charging, and key switch is just one tool. 
You will get many functions in just one tool this is the must-have tool to have in the car. 


Car broken window self-help safety partner,
Survival through a window
Fast and reliable
Emergency lighting
Alloy Hammer
White Light Illumination
Seatbelt Cutter
Red Light Warning
Strong Magnetic Adsorption
Mobile Power Supply
Key Switch
USB Charge


Size: 181 mm×86 mm×27 mm 2 mm
Main Material: Handle Nylon Glass Fiber , Broken Window Head - Tungsten Steel
Weight: 285g±5

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