Mini Endoscope Waterproof Camera



1. The lens diameter is only 3.9 mm on the market, and the small ear canal can also be viewed.

2, pixel high-definition 100W, the lens uses imported chips, with 6 LED lights, the focal length is

customized to meet the ear canal structure design, so that the eardrum can be clearly presented

3, camera technology improvement, changing the problem of lens heating, improve customer experience

4, the interface is a three-in-one interface

5, with ear pick set

Product Parameters:

1, lens diameter: 3.9mm

2, lens pixels: 100W

3, lens light source: 6 adjustable LED

4, the best focal length: 1.5CM

5, viewing angle: 60 degrees

6, product length: 1.5 meters


8,Resolution:1024×720 VGA/30fps

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